On example, I would

On example, I wouldand.

There are such cases, when group not schita with opinion of one of heads.

Probably, it not too charismatic personality, and group does not perceive that he speaks, and even concerns him with some preneglect.

What to do to such head, as to it rea on itm Such things need to be taken into consideration.

On example, I would make so I would move this group on excursion, let's tell, in a safari, on plant, in the airport, – it is unimportant where, but in such place where this head can prove to be the husband ceremonious, expert, leading head, that teenagers changed about it the opinion.


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But it does

But it doesWe considered the acting person.

The child developing normally, in a consent with own nature.

And lived till these years and not overcome age dams remain at the previous level of development of the talent.

Because development of soul corresponds to a numerical number of Fibonachchi it is norm.

years talent start to work.

But it does not mean that it works at full capacity.

Here forward there is any one of mechanism elements, and all the others promote its work.

If in this age period of development harmony which almost reconstructs all the time the structure remains, the adolescent will without serious consequences reach the following dam and imperceptibly for itself will overcome it.

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It is a direct

It is a direct Rather you will cope with this problem.

The main thing that regressions entered in I will get used.

Force of a habit.

As a rule, we adult, that without wishin we form at children habitual regression.

When the child of ewe only masters poslogovy a way of reading and not can catch at once sense, MU continually we ask it to reread any word and while he will not understand value of the read word.

It is a direct way to regression.

Other case.

When parents too early start to insist on reading by the whole word, the child goes on innocent and compelled, in the general that, deception spells about itself, and then a word entirely.

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, especially

, especiallyChildren who have been brought up without heat, it is frequent egoists, having been disappointed in the in love, also get a habit to become isolated in to itself.

Tenderness is good only when it not use.

It is necessary to avoid excessive it Oscar Wilde, De profundis.

, especially with boys, as it their unarmed men before life, they imagine to themselves that everythin is similar them to parents, will try not to cause to them ky sufferings.

Heart education here the main task of mother; but she should be careful too often to play on feelings, avoiding to repeat constantly something If you make it.

to me will be very much yatno.

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The conventual

The conventual Priests, humanists atheists and the young man of a hippovaty look which supported hashish legalization as the first means in society improvement participated in them.

The conventual and pair of writers which also had own views of the correct behavior of the person there acted.

It seemed to me that, despite disagreements and that heat with which they defended the opinions, in positions of all participants there were more similarities, than distinctions.

All of them were supporters of this or that rigid line.

All of them were in own way idealists.

One stood up for toughening of discipline and introduction of all restrictions, others for big freedom, but all of them wanted improvement of conditions for the person.

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In order

In order which becomes from now on main for the long period.

Unlike game activity.

where the child himself could choose for itself various roles, establish and change rules, educational activity is strictly regulated.

the basic principles productivity.

obligation and ability to subordinate the desires it is necessary to the requirement.

In order that educational activity was productive, the child should learn to set independently before itself the purpose, to understand, as for what it does.

It is a difficult task far not each adult can accurately formulate the purpose of the activity.

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