The opinion

The opinion They bezemotsionalno treat the parental responsibilities.

They never caress the children, do not console, do not read them the book for the night, do not talk hearttoheart and if play, very infrequently.

Authoritative parents are very anxious with what impression their children make on people around.

The opinion of people around for them is more important than the relations in a family.

However, they are sure that the strict treatment of children does of the child the real person, without understanding that the behavior promote just to the return.

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Moreover, even

Moreover, even But our expectations include also expectation of the suitable cultural environment in which we can develop the abilities; and where living conditions do not correspond to parameters of these expectations, there is a decrease in wellbeing.

Is absolutely useless to try to imagine to itself as our society if it met the requirements of a continuum would look.

Moreover, even if there would be any changes in this direction, from them would be to few sense.

While ourselves will not become such what should be people in new, ideal from the point of view of following to a continuum, society, any external changes will be useless, doomed to immediate distortion and inevitable destruction.

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And then, if all suddenly

And then, if all suddenlyTeacher How it occurred Why suddenly from your opiniongirl Because I thought That I will do with all this money.

And then, if all suddenly tell, that the more money, the better, so to what we at that After all our purpose to come to a bigger consent, to withTeenagers want changesto unification with each other.

Teacher But what it concerns to soyedito neniye As you feel that it is connected with soyedineniI eat between usgirl After all all should be equal, instead of so that at – it is more than one, and another – has less.

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However you can behave

However you can behavee.

is unconditional.

Most likely deeply inside your love of children is really unconditional and unconditional.

However you can behave so that children simply will not feel your love.

Remember, when to you happens favourably to hide the love How many time you underestimated or exaggerated the love to manipulate behavior of the child to force or persuade him to collect from a toy floor, to take out garbage, in time to come back home or in time to go to bed Or to calm down One timid girl told us that her shyness developed from the constant requirement of parents to calm down.

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But the person

But the person How people began to resemble in something Homo sapiens, they instinctively and that the main thin unmistakably knew how to look after children.

But the person diligently eradicated ancient knowledge, and as a result the army of researchers slaves away to find out how we should behave in relation to children, to each other and to ourselves.

For anybody not a secret that scientists still did not invent the happiness recipe, but, completely relying on rational thinkin they stubborn ignore everything that does not give in to a logic explanation or experiment.

We, captives of intelligence, forgot our congenital ability to define that is necessary to us, so, that we can not understand any more, where our true requirements, and where distorted.

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Cooperation, negotiations

Cooperation, negotiations The purposes can be reached by means of control, the power or the high status.

Cooperation, negotiations and democratic principles of universal participation in statement of the purposes and a choice of means of their achievement are not a part of an authoritative approach to education.

But what will occur, if the child acquires these principles and will begin to apply them in communication with other peopleThe survival of individuals and groups of individuals depends on flexibility, abilities to overcome feeling of uncertainty and to make decisions that, in turn, causes the corresponding reaction from the interlocutor, desire to cooperate and if it is necessary to make a compromise.

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