Turning into

Turning into Here the moral sense also starts to work.

Turning into thoughts, it also makes the moral sphere of consciousness of the child.

Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONOperating in a consent with the moral voice, the child does a step forward capable to it becomes moral to highquality action to an act.

Namely independently to make the decision on the following action; to operate according to intention that it was sick to nobody; to state an assessment to motive, action, result of action, to rejoice for itself or to suffer.

The knowledge own I occurs by means of the relation to You.

Mastering speech and language, the child opens for itself possibility to interfere with a course of events and the interpersonal relations.

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– No, all will

– No, all willtutor What do we want to learn from excursion– We want to see, how the police works on most business, instead of it is simple to hear from someone or to see in cinema.

– In my opinion, we should visit police, that to see, to what leads egoism development, and to want to unite and more to give.

tutor In the corrected society will be neobkhodimost in police– No, as anybody will have no egoism flashes.

– No, all will be related by marriage returns, and nobody will be vre to another.

– There will be no police such as today, and will be such, which will be related by marriage .

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They feel

They feel Operatin these new growths will radically be transformed.

And the child, the adolescent, the young man thus change that to depth of soul disturbs parents and tutors.

They feel confusion, meeting familiar strangers.

To prefer in teaching and educational technologies quantitative changes a vocabulary, speed of readin quantity of knowledge, skills etc.

the first mistake of parents, tutors, the teachers, conducting to crisis of development of soul and the conflict of children to adults.

The reason of these mistakes a subject of separate research.

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And he starts

And he starts That is on unknown, immoral and disharmonious the tasks involving it and forcing itself to solve.

And he starts to act, despite forbidden installations of social stereotypes and norms.

Let's remind the adolescent is capable of such type of activity, which successfully overcame all previous age dams; has optimum and a psychomotility; the bed of oppressive stereotypes of a family and school training develop slowly, that is out of .

As you already understood, among these Revolutionaries should be and the versatile person able comprehensively to cover and solve problems with addiction.

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Shirley Redl

Shirley Redl He also is the founder of popular television series Opening for itself psychology.

Shirley Redl was the journalist and the writer.

She died in Reviews of the bookFrom tens books which passed this year through our hands, this book is represented to us to the most useful.

Remarkable councils which will be useful not only to the parents who are bringing up small children, but also in general unduly timid all age.

Washington PostBook the timid child will help you to overcome children's shyness, will teach the child of independence and independence.

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