It is necessary

It is necessary This difficult, but at the same time significant uprazhthe neniye should try to be carried out only in case youcould develop the vital relation to on to dobny situations.

It is necessary to be ready to that nekotoeye teenagers will be come back to memory by heavy memoirs, kotothe ry can cause strong irritation and even grief.

Working leafList of my sinsDescribe, please, in a few words the worst in your lifeactsNow the sins so that the heaviest prostu went at number , second on weight at number and so on.

Choose one of the sins which still does not give yourest.

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You know, that

You know, that You know, that want from it, and every time, yes its acts coincide with your will, let yours the look and your smile will tell to it Well!.

When this expression of love and this smile will disappear, and instead of them there will be a strict expression, at it to be representation that the such Badly!.

For it even your speech though he also does not understand words, itset in itselfhimself sense which it is capable to catch.

Tone reprimand and tender tone are not so identical to it, intonations of your voice essentially strengthen semantic loading of your smile or yours Never address with the child as with Redyer, Mes garcons et vos filles, p.

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Selfimage development

Selfimage development Man's force tears it to parts, and all it seems either black, or white.

At this stage of development for it does not exist can be.

He thinks Whether I am necessary to the family, whether there is from me an advantage or on the contrary I cost nothin from me one harm.

Selfimage development depends now on action.

How it copes with tasks which before itself puts, will define selfimage of the boy and an image of its actions and the house, and on work.

Doctor Ericson explains When children persistently try to seize any skills which are appreciated in their culture, they start to look at themselves as on competent or incompetent.

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And the last, on what

And the last, on what In perception it is reproduced as experience of LVL feelin it fixes and orders perception of a melody.

If such uniting feeling is not present, the melody strikes with esthetically unpleasant influence of formlessness and incomprehensibility.

And, on the contrary, when the LVL feeling exists, we endure completeness of a melody, its pleasant coloring.

And the last, on what the teacher melodious and harmonious hearing of the girl paid attention.

Small children and even adults at whom the harmonious hearing is not developed, are indifferent to false harmonization.

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What letter

What letter Further it will affect and quality of written literacy.

'Exercise No.

What letter loves holidays most In the magic country today a holiday therefore all letters left on festive parade.

You see, they were built by what equal ranks.

Look attentively at each image.

What letter meets more often than others and, means, loves holidays mosti No.

Exercise .

We learn to speak in superconfidential languageI will read words, your task to say these words on the contrary.

Dream, slave, chalk, , rum, smoke, village, window, rose, porridge, linden, chair, cart, label, cross, book, handle, case, clown, boots, bed, scarf, match, leaf.

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