Our private

Our privateMaterials paper and pencil.

InstructionI would like to invite you to reflect today togetherwith me over an important subject whether we are able to divide work andprivate life Work as anything else, shows that weby itself it is represented, and determines by that our personality.

Our private life, especially love relations, pozvo to us for a while to change borders of our personality, with with others and to be happy.

Work and love in many respects differ from each other.

That we could allocate these distinctions clearly more or less,I would like to explain at first that I mean under bothconcepts.

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Its suitcase

Its suitcase When he became angry about mother, he said to it that he becomes angry.

Its suitcase of emotions during that time looked so.

When than Kenya became a little more senior, his anger started to cause displeasure of mother.

Her words Actually you so do not think angered him even more therefore mother sent it in other room to think.

Over time Kenya understood that if wants to play in the pleasure, it should pretend that does not become angry.

He noticed that mother is affected by his bad mood, and he learned to show despondency every time when it was malicious.

The anger usually is a signal of that something becomes incorrectly, but as the anger of Kenya was outside of a suitcase of emotions of his mother, it lost this key element of the internal control system.

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It is necessary

It is necessary Besides, during travel everyone should for something to answer for songs, equipment, providing with water and other.

It is necessary to involve everythin that everyone participated in something.

The tutor only watches with the parties that everything carry out the positions from the maximum responsibility – they allegedly all will organize.


We already divided children into groups, agrees to questions in which they want to be engaged.

They unite foxes small collectives also discussed, as as will be to do.

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On example, I would

On example, I wouldand.

There are such cases, when group not schita with opinion of one of heads.

Probably, it not too charismatic personality, and group does not perceive that he speaks, and even concerns him with some preneglect.

What to do to such head, as to it rea on itm Such things need to be taken into consideration.

On example, I would make so I would move this group on excursion, let's tell, in a safari, on plant, in the airport, – it is unimportant where, but in such place where this head can prove to be the husband ceremonious, expert, leading head, that teenagers changed about it the opinion.


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But it does

But it doesWe considered the acting person.

The child developing normally, in a consent with own nature.

And lived till these years and not overcome age dams remain at the previous level of development of the talent.

Because development of soul corresponds to a numerical number of Fibonachchi it is norm.

years talent start to work.

But it does not mean that it works at full capacity.

Here forward there is any one of mechanism elements, and all the others promote its work.

If in this age period of development harmony which almost reconstructs all the time the structure remains, the adolescent will without serious consequences reach the following dam and imperceptibly for itself will overcome it.

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