And for this

And for thisWhy they stop before the next age boundaryTo understand it it is not too difficult.

They consumers ready and consequently another's knowledge, voobrazheniye, thoughts and actions of the established stereotypes.

And before them the school puts the one and only task to save up and save up information till that time when it will be necessary to renew it after inquiry.

In what form In the form of knowledge, skills to use them verbally.

And for this purpose, as it is visible, except memory, more than anything from the pupil it is not required learned answered.

Under these conditions mechanisms of talent can develop and is spontaneous or outside the limits of educational activity of the pupil.

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Premature All inclinations, and their more than if the child was born with a genotype without defeats a basis for development of the same quantity of abilities.

Premature and late transformation of inclinations in ability outside the limits of the sensitive periods brings to one and to efficiency reduction waste of time, energy, completeness of use of a deposit developments of the mechanism of talent.

By the way, at the child who has suffered a serious illness, those systems of an organism inclinations which strenuously developed, remain at this time damaged.

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But by the way for a while. After

But by the way for a while. After Thus the body strains, muscles spend energy it becomes easy and pleasant to the child, he calms down.

But by the way for a while.

After all the spent energy comes back to it with profit and when its level becomes higher optimum, thereby creating discomfort, again shout.

Subtlety of the second reception which is used by the newborn, fighting for freedom, will cause in you surprise.

All of you already saw it, but did not know, why it occurs.

Happens such the child wets diapers each tenfifteen minutes.

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Mother went

Mother went The chicken moved the children to take a walk.

The angry frost rouged to children cheeks.

In the evening the nurse tells to children of the fairy tale.

The bee flies on a fragrant flower behind sweet honey.

The first clean snowball falls on the frozen earth.

Mother went today to a garden and brought us many pears.

The grandmother and Masha went after a dinner to take a walk in the wood.

During a rain all birdies in the wood cease to sing the songs.

Mother presented to Katya the book with very beautiful drawings.

Boys went to the wood and caught there the small hare.

Small kittens for days on end run and play with each other.

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To define

To define and in case of difficulties till years and more.

To define nature of difficulties at your child, we will allocate for a start components of skill of reading which reflect its success or not success.

Way of reading The child during development of skills of reading passes some stages.


At first it remembers an image of a letter and compares it with a sound a syllabic way of reading Then studies merge of sounds in syllables reading on syllables and the whole word Then seizes a.

liyaniye of syllables in words reading by the whole word and on syllables.

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  • Moreover, even
  • – No, all will
  • We speak about
  • The old man agreed, but noticed
  • Turning into
  • That, your
  • You know, that
  • To define
  • Example In my opinion, I seem
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