But the person

But the person How people began to resemble in something Homo sapiens, they instinctively and that the main thin unmistakably knew how to look after children.

But the person diligently eradicated ancient knowledge, and as a result the army of researchers slaves away to find out how we should behave in relation to children, to each other and to ourselves.

For anybody not a secret that scientists still did not invent the happiness recipe, but, completely relying on rational thinkin they stubborn ignore everything that does not give in to a logic explanation or experiment.

We, captives of intelligence, forgot our congenital ability to define that is necessary to us, so, that we can not understand any more, where our true requirements, and where distorted.

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Cooperation, negotiations

Cooperation, negotiations The purposes can be reached by means of control, the power or the high status.

Cooperation, negotiations and democratic principles of universal participation in statement of the purposes and a choice of means of their achievement are not a part of an authoritative approach to education.

But what will occur, if the child acquires these principles and will begin to apply them in communication with other peopleThe survival of individuals and groups of individuals depends on flexibility, abilities to overcome feeling of uncertainty and to make decisions that, in turn, causes the corresponding reaction from the interlocutor, desire to cooperate and if it is necessary to make a compromise.

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At skillful

At skillfulTo a problem of leisure and the rest, planned still Aristotle, I.


Setchenov and his pupil M.


Vvedensky closely approached.

This is the acquaintance to you Setchenov's phenomenon outdoor activities and rules of distribution of brainwork.

At skillful distribution of brainwork it is possible not only to develop huge work on the efficiency, but also to save up thus for many years, probably, on all life, intellectual work capacity and the general tone of activity.

Those who badly works, instead of those who works much are tired and weaken only.

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Before establishing

Before establishing If to lock his houses that it has bad notes, it will lead only to offense and resistance, instead of that it will have a desire on what you, possibly, count better to study.

Before establishing consequences, solve, that you want to achieve.

If to return to the previous example, it is necessary to be defined that us excites more high points and active and great interest in knowledge or bigger sense of responsibility and diligence If our purpose more an appreciation, we have to find a way how to help the son to remember it is more than facts, to learn to write, keep more competently in order the writingbooks, in time to carry out homeworks, to answer in a class, to cope control and so on.

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This section

This section And so, for such parents the second level of the solution of children's problems.

This section will allow you to look at all situation as a whole, to understand, where problem roots, from a catIntroductionto swarm you faced.

It is called Let's look more deeply.

If Ambulance this elimination of symptoms, at the second level we try to find the reasons of spontaneous behavior together.

After all if not to understand the reason of acts, it is impossible to avoid unpleasant repetitions, after all so! Any not nice behavior only a consequence, we will look for the reasons.

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