Example In my opinion, I seem

Example In my opinion, I seem Some exercises which will be suitable for children of an average and the advanced school age below are given Let the child will write down some statements describing its relation to any authoritative person from which he waits for the help or council, or to the representative representative of an opposite sex, to which which he wants to appoint appointment on a sheet of paper.

Example In my opinion, I seem to it the stout blockhead, time I ask for help in such business.

Let someone from parents will reread the list of irrational statements provided above and will define, what of them stands up for each situation described by the child.

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When our son ceased

When our son ceasedBefore putting a brick wall, parents should try to find the answer to some questions.

When our son ceased to observe rules What relations at the child with us, with friends, with teachers It faced what problems or difficulties Whether it was reflected in his behavior If official instances as, for example, school administration in a case with Hsin we should be convinced that actions of a family will be coordinated with actions of these bodies are mentioned.

The brick wall demands from us careful control of time of the boy.

At school to Hsing decided to appoint additional classes that it could correct the estimates, and parents demanded, that it came home right after school and was engaged.

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Take care

Take care Let in it tea they will hasten to consult with the doctor or skilled tutor.

Almost for certain deniye in such situation concerning the child but to be absolutely opposite cruel to ressivny approach.

If in any community did not take care about education of feeling of respect for another's things, shortly here the tendency to is noted all public and joint life to curl more difficult.

Take care of, that as soon as possible to twist in the child, egocentric by nature and the number to think that all is necessary to it by right, zheniye to that is due to another.

And if it is true that is not enough one justice summum jus summa injuria also that education should supplement with itself education justice, and philanthrophy essence illusion and hypocrisy if it does not adhere, in the first turn, justice principles.

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When their

When their Everything will be clear to them there adults, here children, everything is ordered.

They will feel surely, to discuss with you about and even to argue.

When their world will start to extend and to become complicated, it will be already more difficult to them to understand in everything possible situations.

There are new relations between the teenager and other world, between floors.

This new the world can frighten, for example, service in army or it is simple you course in the big world without borders, without a habitual framework.

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It is necessary

It is necessary This difficult, but at the same time significant uprazhthe neniye should try to be carried out only in case youcould develop the vital relation to on to dobny situations.

It is necessary to be ready to that nekotoeye teenagers will be come back to memory by heavy memoirs, kotothe ry can cause strong irritation and even grief.

Working leafList of my sinsDescribe, please, in a few words the worst in your lifeactsNow the sins so that the heaviest prostu went at number , second on weight at number and so on.

Choose one of the sins which still does not give yourest.

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You know, that

You know, that You know, that want from it, and every time, yes its acts coincide with your will, let yours the look and your smile will tell to it Well!.

When this expression of love and this smile will disappear, and instead of them there will be a strict expression, at it to be representation that the such Badly!.

For it even your speech though he also does not understand words, itset in itselfhimself sense which it is capable to catch.

Tone reprimand and tender tone are not so identical to it, intonations of your voice essentially strengthen semantic loading of your smile or yours Never address with the child as with Redyer, Mes garcons et vos filles, p.

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