That, your

That, your It is slowly read a riddle, emphasizing letters.

That, your way, mean wordsFIXEDLY and AT RANDOM Read the poem once again.

To hurry up notit is necessary.


Remind me as it is necessary to work with them.

Now we will make little change.

Having met a word which to you is difficult for reading at once entirely, put a vertical hyphen not between all syllables, but only between the first and the second.

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And really, in ten years, passed

And really, in ten years, passedAnd really, in ten years, passed from the first edition of this book, in the most different areas obstetrics, pediatrics, public institutes, psychology and in the general public, looking for worthy system of values, much more favorable relation to the ideas stated in it was created.

It was especially pleasant to me to see in the Taym magazine the description of the hero of one film, containing such words Its sense of responsibility before society is based on faultless instincts, instead of on doubtful ideology.

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So, conclusion

So, conclusion That is why emotion is reaction to properties of subjects and the phenomena the positive a meeting with harmony, negative with disharmony.

So, conclusion emotion it.

reflection of a condition of a body of the child, an assessment of this condition it is good badly; own reaction I laugh I pay; the regulator of movements directing the child on coming back to a harmony condition, to avoid negative influences.

The kid lives as though in the same world, as we.

Actually it not so.

It is surrounded by the same subjects, persons, the phenomena.

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The old man agreed, but noticed

The old man agreed, but noticed There, I told, to it will cut through a hole in a stomach and will take out through it a sore point.

For persuasiveness I showed it an own scar from operation.

The old man agreed, but noticed that Masaviu cannot go to the Venezuelan city, without knowing and words .

Directly he did not ask me to go with his son, as though the father valued it.

He let's Masaviu die rather, than would ask me to make to it any favor.

He only explained me a problem, and it was the unique belief from its party.

I promised that I will bring his son to hospital, but it should descend to Anchu and demand, that to us gave the chance to go to a way immediately.

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The created

The createdThat we call intuition actually selfexpression of the feelings strengthened by imagination that did not yet realize itself, so, did not find means of language.

The created feeling thought creates the channel for acquisition of energy and the necessary information.

Thereof the person endures pleasure, increasing the effective potential.

Feelings process also have the contents.

While they remain positive, they do not bother and will exist very long.

Thoughts it is result of thinking.

And as any subject is always limited, it causes over time new feeling already discomfort.

It is possible to think of usual thought and by that to release from discomfort.

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Energy generating

Energy generating But here he noticed attention of you it catalyzes in it power processes.

And when also felt love the catalyst earned on an order, Inna two, more powerfully.

Energy overflows, process becomes uncontrollable, as at thermonuclear reaction when the critical mass of incorporating substances is exaggerated.

Energy generating emotion directs behavior of the child.

This mechanism is known.

On the academician of Nominative Pavlova, any emotion is reaching the peak wild force brain subcortexes.

The bark thus opens.

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