The conventual

The conventual Priests, humanists atheists and the young man of a hippovaty look which supported hashish legalization as the first means in society improvement participated in them.

The conventual and pair of writers which also had own views of the correct behavior of the person there acted.

It seemed to me that, despite disagreements and that heat with which they defended the opinions, in positions of all participants there were more similarities, than distinctions.

All of them were supporters of this or that rigid line.

All of them were in own way idealists.

One stood up for toughening of discipline and introduction of all restrictions, others for big freedom, but all of them wanted improvement of conditions for the person.

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In order

In order which becomes from now on main for the long period.

Unlike game activity.

where the child himself could choose for itself various roles, establish and change rules, educational activity is strictly regulated.

the basic principles productivity.

obligation and ability to subordinate the desires it is necessary to the requirement.

In order that educational activity was productive, the child should learn to set independently before itself the purpose, to understand, as for what it does.

It is a difficult task far not each adult can accurately formulate the purpose of the activity.

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We speak about

We speak about Ulyanov How to make it it is correct, instead of it is simple to shout in a microphone appeals to associationm If we want, that the campaign all created horoto neck mood also left pleasant impression, should to operate very simply.

We speak about friendship and objedinescientific research institute, but it is peculiar not only to us.

Simply at us is to polnitelny value, as by means of association we we reach still a certain special level of perception and oshchushchereality niya.

But good mood during a campaign – who it does not want! Unless, going to holiday, people begin to quarrel On the contrary, they want, that everything was smooth, and for happen about disagreements.

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And for this

And for thisWhy they stop before the next age boundaryTo understand it it is not too difficult.

They consumers ready and consequently another's knowledge, voobrazheniye, thoughts and actions of the established stereotypes.

And before them the school puts the one and only task to save up and save up information till that time when it will be necessary to renew it after inquiry.

In what form In the form of knowledge, skills to use them verbally.

And for this purpose, as it is visible, except memory, more than anything from the pupil it is not required learned answered.

Under these conditions mechanisms of talent can develop and is spontaneous or outside the limits of educational activity of the pupil.

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