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Turning into

Here the moral sense also starts to work.Turning into thoughts, it also makes the moral sphere of consciousness of the child.Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONOperating in a consent with the moral voice, the child does a step forward capable to it becomes moral to highquality action to an act.Namely independently to make the decision on the following action; to operate according to intention that it was sick to nobody; to state an assessment to motive, action, result of action, to rejoice for itself or to suffer.The knowledge own I occurs by means of the relation to You.Mastering speech and language, the child opens for itself possibility to interfere with a course of events and the interpersonal relations.

– No, all will

tutor What do we want to learn from excursion– We want to see, how the police works on most business, instead of it is simple to hear from someone or to see in cinema.– In my opinion, we should visit police, that to see, to what leads egoism development, and to want to unite and more to give.tutor In the corrected society will be neobkhodimost in police– No, as anybody will have no egoism flashes.– No, all will be related by marriage returns, and nobody will be vre to another.– There will be no police such as today, and will be such, which will be related by marriage .

They feel

Operatin these new growths will radically be transformed.And the child, the adolescent, the young man thus change that to depth of soul disturbs parents and tutors.They feel confusion, meeting familiar strangers.To prefer in teaching and educational technologies quantitative changes a vocabulary, speed of readin quantity of knowledge, skills etc.the first mistake of parents, tutors, the teachers, conducting to crisis of development of soul and the conflict of children to adults.The reason of these mistakes a subject of separate research.

And he starts

That is on unknown, immoral and disharmonious the tasks involving it and forcing itself to solve.And he starts to act, despite forbidden installations of social stereotypes and norms.Let's remind the adolescent is capable of such type of activity, which successfully overcame all previous age dams; has optimum and a psychomotility; the bed of oppressive stereotypes of a family and school training develop slowly, that is out of .As you already understood, among these Revolutionaries should be and the versatile person able comprehensively to cover and solve problems with addiction.

Shirley Redl

He also is the founder of popular television series Opening for itself psychology.Shirley Redl was the journalist and the writer.She died in Reviews of the bookFrom tens books which passed this year through our hands, this book is represented to us to the most useful.Remarkable councils which will be useful not only to the parents who are bringing up small children, but also in general unduly timid all age.Washington PostBook the timid child will help you to overcome children's shyness, will teach the child of independence and independence.

I, without

I was awfully malicious on the son.In the evening on Friday it took I wash the car and left on a forward seat banks from under lemonade and a wrapper from sandwiches, spent all gasoline and did not fill it! We with it agreed that if it takes the car, washes it at once upon return of because I quite often leave early in the morning.I, without standing on ceremony, woke him and asked What is the matter the Car is similar to a dustbin! Half asleep he answered Well.I forgot.I was so tired yesterday that solved I will rise as early as possible better and I will wash it.It, of course, was silly I never manage to wake up as early as possible.

Example In my opinion, I seem

Some exercises which will be suitable for children of an average and the advanced school age below are given Let the child will write down some statements describing its relation to any authoritative person from which he waits for the help or council, or to the representative representative of an opposite sex, to which which he wants to appoint appointment on a sheet of paper.Example In my opinion, I seem to it the stout blockhead, time I ask for help in such business.Let someone from parents will reread the list of irrational statements provided above and will define, what of them stands up for each situation described by the child.

When our son ceased

Before putting a brick wall, parents should try to find the answer to some questions.When our son ceased to observe rules What relations at the child with us, with friends, with teachers It faced what problems or difficulties Whether it was reflected in his behavior If official instances as, for example, school administration in a case with Hsin we should be convinced that actions of a family will be coordinated with actions of these bodies are mentioned.The brick wall demands from us careful control of time of the boy.At school to Hsing decided to appoint additional classes that it could correct the estimates, and parents demanded, that it came home right after school and was engaged.

Take care

Let in it tea they will hasten to consult with the doctor or skilled tutor.Almost for certain deniye in such situation concerning the child but to be absolutely opposite cruel to ressivny approach.If in any community did not take care about education of feeling of respect for another's things, shortly here the tendency to is noted all public and joint life to curl more difficult.Take care of, that as soon as possible to twist in the child, egocentric by nature and the number to think that all is necessary to it by right, zheniye to that is due to another.And if it is true that is not enough one justice summum jus summa injuria also that education should supplement with itself education justice, and philanthrophy essence illusion and hypocrisy if it does not adhere, in the first turn, justice principles.

When their

Everything will be clear to them there adults, here children, everything is ordered.They will feel surely, to discuss with you about and even to argue.When their world will start to extend and to become complicated, it will be already more difficult to them to understand in everything possible situations.There are new relations between the teenager and other world, between floors.This new the world can frighten, for example, service in army or it is simple you course in the big world without borders, without a habitual framework.

It is necessary

This difficult, but at the same time significant uprazhthe neniye should try to be carried out only in case youcould develop the vital relation to on to dobny situations.It is necessary to be ready to that nekotoeye teenagers will be come back to memory by heavy memoirs, kotothe ry can cause strong irritation and even grief.Working leafList of my sinsDescribe, please, in a few words the worst in your lifeactsNow the sins so that the heaviest prostu went at number , second on weight at number and so on.Choose one of the sins which still does not give yourest.

You know, that

You know, that want from it, and every time, yes its acts coincide with your will, let yours the look and your smile will tell to it Well!.When this expression of love and this smile will disappear, and instead of them there will be a strict expression, at it to be representation that the such Badly!.For it even your speech though he also does not understand words, itset in itselfhimself sense which it is capable to catch.Tone reprimand and tender tone are not so identical to it, intonations of your voice essentially strengthen semantic loading of your smile or yours Never address with the child as with Redyer, Mes garcons et vos filles, p.

Selfimage development

Man's force tears it to parts, and all it seems either black, or white.At this stage of development for it does not exist can be.He thinks Whether I am necessary to the family, whether there is from me an advantage or on the contrary I cost nothin from me one harm.Selfimage development depends now on action.How it copes with tasks which before itself puts, will define selfimage of the boy and an image of its actions and the house, and on work.Doctor Ericson explains When children persistently try to seize any skills which are appreciated in their culture, they start to look at themselves as on competent or incompetent.

And the last, on what

In perception it is reproduced as experience of LVL feelin it fixes and orders perception of a melody.If such uniting feeling is not present, the melody strikes with esthetically unpleasant influence of formlessness and incomprehensibility.And, on the contrary, when the LVL feeling exists, we endure completeness of a melody, its pleasant coloring.And the last, on what the teacher melodious and harmonious hearing of the girl paid attention.Small children and even adults at whom the harmonious hearing is not developed, are indifferent to false harmonization.

What letter

Further it will affect and quality of written literacy.'Exercise No.What letter loves holidays most In the magic country today a holiday therefore all letters left on festive parade.You see, they were built by what equal ranks.Look attentively at each image.What letter meets more often than others and, means, loves holidays mosti No.Exercise .We learn to speak in superconfidential languageI will read words, your task to say these words on the contrary.Dream, slave, chalk, , rum, smoke, village, window, rose, porridge, linden, chair, cart, label, cross, book, handle, case, clown, boots, bed, scarf, match, leaf.

Our private

Materials paper and pencil.InstructionI would like to invite you to reflect today togetherwith me over an important subject whether we are able to divide work andprivate life Work as anything else, shows that weby itself it is represented, and determines by that our personality.Our private life, especially love relations, pozvo to us for a while to change borders of our personality, with with others and to be happy.Work and love in many respects differ from each other.That we could allocate these distinctions clearly more or less,I would like to explain at first that I mean under bothconcepts.

Its suitcase

When he became angry about mother, he said to it that he becomes angry.Its suitcase of emotions during that time looked so.When than Kenya became a little more senior, his anger started to cause displeasure of mother.Her words Actually you so do not think angered him even more therefore mother sent it in other room to think.Over time Kenya understood that if wants to play in the pleasure, it should pretend that does not become angry.He noticed that mother is affected by his bad mood, and he learned to show despondency every time when it was malicious.The anger usually is a signal of that something becomes incorrectly, but as the anger of Kenya was outside of a suitcase of emotions of his mother, it lost this key element of the internal control system.

It is necessary

Besides, during travel everyone should for something to answer for songs, equipment, providing with water and other.It is necessary to involve everythin that everyone participated in something.The tutor only watches with the parties that everything carry out the positions from the maximum responsibility – they allegedly all will organize.and.We already divided children into groups, agrees to questions in which they want to be engaged.They unite foxes small collectives also discussed, as as will be to do.

On example, I would

and.There are such cases, when group not schita with opinion of one of heads.Probably, it not too charismatic personality, and group does not perceive that he speaks, and even concerns him with some preneglect.What to do to such head, as to it rea on itm Such things need to be taken into consideration.On example, I would make so I would move this group on excursion, let's tell, in a safari, on plant, in the airport, – it is unimportant where, but in such place where this head can prove to be the husband ceremonious, expert, leading head, that teenagers changed about it the opinion.and.

But it does

We considered the acting person.The child developing normally, in a consent with own nature.And lived till these years and not overcome age dams remain at the previous level of development of the talent.Because development of soul corresponds to a numerical number of Fibonachchi it is norm.years talent start to work.But it does not mean that it works at full capacity.Here forward there is any one of mechanism elements, and all the others promote its work.If in this age period of development harmony which almost reconstructs all the time the structure remains, the adolescent will without serious consequences reach the following dam and imperceptibly for itself will overcome it.

It is a direct

Rather you will cope with this problem.The main thing that regressions entered in I will get used.Force of a habit.As a rule, we adult, that without wishin we form at children habitual regression.When the child of ewe only masters poslogovy a way of reading and not can catch at once sense, MU continually we ask it to reread any word and while he will not understand value of the read word.It is a direct way to regression.Other case.When parents too early start to insist on reading by the whole word, the child goes on innocent and compelled, in the general that, deception spells about itself, and then a word entirely.

, especially

Children who have been brought up without heat, it is frequent egoists, having been disappointed in the in love, also get a habit to become isolated in to itself.Tenderness is good only when it not use.It is necessary to avoid excessive it Oscar Wilde, De profundis., especially with boys, as it their unarmed men before life, they imagine to themselves that everythin is similar them to parents, will try not to cause to them ky sufferings.Heart education here the main task of mother; but she should be careful too often to play on feelings, avoiding to repeat constantly something If you make it.to me will be very much yatno.

The conventual

Priests, humanists atheists and the young man of a hippovaty look which supported hashish legalization as the first means in society improvement participated in them.The conventual and pair of writers which also had own views of the correct behavior of the person there acted.It seemed to me that, despite disagreements and that heat with which they defended the opinions, in positions of all participants there were more similarities, than distinctions.All of them were supporters of this or that rigid line.All of them were in own way idealists.One stood up for toughening of discipline and introduction of all restrictions, others for big freedom, but all of them wanted improvement of conditions for the person.

In order

which becomes from now on main for the long period.Unlike game activity.where the child himself could choose for itself various roles, establish and change rules, educational activity is strictly regulated.the basic principles productivity.obligation and ability to subordinate the desires it is necessary to the requirement.In order that educational activity was productive, the child should learn to set independently before itself the purpose, to understand, as for what it does.It is a difficult task far not each adult can accurately formulate the purpose of the activity.

We speak about

Ulyanov How to make it it is correct, instead of it is simple to shout in a microphone appeals to associationm If we want, that the campaign all created horoto neck mood also left pleasant impression, should to operate very simply.We speak about friendship and objedinescientific research institute, but it is peculiar not only to us.Simply at us is to polnitelny value, as by means of association we we reach still a certain special level of perception and oshchushchereality niya.But good mood during a campaign – who it does not want! Unless, going to holiday, people begin to quarrel On the contrary, they want, that everything was smooth, and for happen about disagreements.

And for this

Why they stop before the next age boundaryTo understand it it is not too difficult.They consumers ready and consequently another's knowledge, voobrazheniye, thoughts and actions of the established stereotypes.And before them the school puts the one and only task to save up and save up information till that time when it will be necessary to renew it after inquiry.In what form In the form of knowledge, skills to use them verbally.And for this purpose, as it is visible, except memory, more than anything from the pupil it is not required learned answered.Under these conditions mechanisms of talent can develop and is spontaneous or outside the limits of educational activity of the pupil.


All inclinations, and their more than if the child was born with a genotype without defeats a basis for development of the same quantity of abilities.Premature and late transformation of inclinations in ability outside the limits of the sensitive periods brings to one and to efficiency reduction waste of time, energy, completeness of use of a deposit developments of the mechanism of talent.By the way, at the child who has suffered a serious illness, those systems of an organism inclinations which strenuously developed, remain at this time damaged.

But by the way for a while. After

Mother went

The chicken moved the children to take a walk.The angry frost rouged to children cheeks.In the evening the nurse tells to children of the fairy tale.The bee flies on a fragrant flower behind sweet honey.The first clean snowball falls on the frozen earth.Mother went today to a garden and brought us many pears.The grandmother and Masha went after a dinner to take a walk in the wood.During a rain all birdies in the wood cease to sing the songs.Mother presented to Katya the book with very beautiful drawings.Boys went to the wood and caught there the small hare.Small kittens for days on end run and play with each other.

To define

and in case of difficulties till years and more.To define nature of difficulties at your child, we will allocate for a start components of skill of reading which reflect its success or not success.Way of reading The child during development of skills of reading passes some stages..At first it remembers an image of a letter and compares it with a sound a syllabic way of reading Then studies merge of sounds in syllables reading on syllables and the whole word Then seizes a.liyaniye of syllables in words reading by the whole word and on syllables.

That, your

It is slowly read a riddle, emphasizing letters.That, your way, mean wordsFIXEDLY and AT RANDOM Read the poem once again.To hurry up notit is necessary.Reading verbal short flights of stairsON YESCAT ITHAND ARCHFENCE TO BEARLINE STRINGGRANDFATHER TOYLABOUR TRANSFERKING'S SON TVNONSENSE BY ALL MEANSBefore you two verbal short flights of stairs.Remind me as it is necessary to work with them.Now we will make little change.Having met a word which to you is difficult for reading at once entirely, put a vertical hyphen not between all syllables, but only between the first and the second.

And really, in ten years, passed

And really, in ten years, passed from the first edition of this book, in the most different areas obstetrics, pediatrics, public institutes, psychology and in the general public, looking for worthy system of values, much more favorable relation to the ideas stated in it was created.It was especially pleasant to me to see in the Taym magazine the description of the hero of one film, containing such words Its sense of responsibility before society is based on faultless instincts, instead of on doubtful ideology.

So, conclusion

That is why emotion is reaction to properties of subjects and the phenomena the positive a meeting with harmony, negative with disharmony.So, conclusion emotion it.reflection of a condition of a body of the child, an assessment of this condition it is good badly; own reaction I laugh I pay; the regulator of movements directing the child on coming back to a harmony condition, to avoid negative influences.The kid lives as though in the same world, as we.Actually it not so.It is surrounded by the same subjects, persons, the phenomena.

The old man agreed, but noticed

There, I told, to it will cut through a hole in a stomach and will take out through it a sore point.For persuasiveness I showed it an own scar from operation.The old man agreed, but noticed that Masaviu cannot go to the Venezuelan city, without knowing and words .Directly he did not ask me to go with his son, as though the father valued it.He let's Masaviu die rather, than would ask me to make to it any favor.He only explained me a problem, and it was the unique belief from its party.I promised that I will bring his son to hospital, but it should descend to Anchu and demand, that to us gave the chance to go to a way immediately.

The created

That we call intuition actually selfexpression of the feelings strengthened by imagination that did not yet realize itself, so, did not find means of language.The created feeling thought creates the channel for acquisition of energy and the necessary information.Thereof the person endures pleasure, increasing the effective potential.Feelings process also have the contents.While they remain positive, they do not bother and will exist very long.Thoughts it is result of thinking.And as any subject is always limited, it causes over time new feeling already discomfort.It is possible to think of usual thought and by that to release from discomfort.

Energy generating

But here he noticed attention of you it catalyzes in it power processes.And when also felt love the catalyst earned on an order, Inna two, more powerfully.Energy overflows, process becomes uncontrollable, as at thermonuclear reaction when the critical mass of incorporating substances is exaggerated.Energy generating emotion directs behavior of the child.This mechanism is known.On the academician of Nominative Pavlova, any emotion is reaching the peak wild force brain subcortexes.The bark thus opens.

The opinion

They bezemotsionalno treat the parental responsibilities.They never caress the children, do not console, do not read them the book for the night, do not talk hearttoheart and if play, very infrequently.Authoritative parents are very anxious with what impression their children make on people around.The opinion of people around for them is more important than the relations in a family.However, they are sure that the strict treatment of children does of the child the real person, without understanding that the behavior promote just to the return.

Moreover, even

But our expectations include also expectation of the suitable cultural environment in which we can develop the abilities; and where living conditions do not correspond to parameters of these expectations, there is a decrease in wellbeing.Is absolutely useless to try to imagine to itself as our society if it met the requirements of a continuum would look.Moreover, even if there would be any changes in this direction, from them would be to few sense.While ourselves will not become such what should be people in new, ideal from the point of view of following to a continuum, society, any external changes will be useless, doomed to immediate distortion and inevitable destruction.

And then, if all suddenly

Teacher How it occurred Why suddenly from your opiniongirl Because I thought That I will do with all this money.And then, if all suddenly tell, that the more money, the better, so to what we at that After all our purpose to come to a bigger consent, to withTeenagers want changesto unification with each other.Teacher But what it concerns to soyedito neniye As you feel that it is connected with soyedineniI eat between usgirl After all all should be equal, instead of so that at – it is more than one, and another – has less.

However you can behave

e.is unconditional.Most likely deeply inside your love of children is really unconditional and unconditional.However you can behave so that children simply will not feel your love.Remember, when to you happens favourably to hide the love How many time you underestimated or exaggerated the love to manipulate behavior of the child to force or persuade him to collect from a toy floor, to take out garbage, in time to come back home or in time to go to bed Or to calm down One timid girl told us that her shyness developed from the constant requirement of parents to calm down.

But the person

How people began to resemble in something Homo sapiens, they instinctively and that the main thin unmistakably knew how to look after children.But the person diligently eradicated ancient knowledge, and as a result the army of researchers slaves away to find out how we should behave in relation to children, to each other and to ourselves.For anybody not a secret that scientists still did not invent the happiness recipe, but, completely relying on rational thinkin they stubborn ignore everything that does not give in to a logic explanation or experiment.We, captives of intelligence, forgot our congenital ability to define that is necessary to us, so, that we can not understand any more, where our true requirements, and where distorted.

Cooperation, negotiations

The purposes can be reached by means of control, the power or the high status.Cooperation, negotiations and democratic principles of universal participation in statement of the purposes and a choice of means of their achievement are not a part of an authoritative approach to education.But what will occur, if the child acquires these principles and will begin to apply them in communication with other peopleThe survival of individuals and groups of individuals depends on flexibility, abilities to overcome feeling of uncertainty and to make decisions that, in turn, causes the corresponding reaction from the interlocutor, desire to cooperate and if it is necessary to make a compromise.

At skillful

To a problem of leisure and the rest, planned still Aristotle, I.N.Setchenov and his pupil M.E.Vvedensky closely approached.This is the acquaintance to you Setchenov's phenomenon outdoor activities and rules of distribution of brainwork.At skillful distribution of brainwork it is possible not only to develop huge work on the efficiency, but also to save up thus for many years, probably, on all life, intellectual work capacity and the general tone of activity.Those who badly works, instead of those who works much are tired and weaken only.

Before establishing

If to lock his houses that it has bad notes, it will lead only to offense and resistance, instead of that it will have a desire on what you, possibly, count better to study.Before establishing consequences, solve, that you want to achieve.If to return to the previous example, it is necessary to be defined that us excites more high points and active and great interest in knowledge or bigger sense of responsibility and diligence If our purpose more an appreciation, we have to find a way how to help the son to remember it is more than facts, to learn to write, keep more competently in order the writingbooks, in time to carry out homeworks, to answer in a class, to cope control and so on.

This section

And so, for such parents the second level of the solution of children's problems.This section will allow you to look at all situation as a whole, to understand, where problem roots, from a catIntroductionto swarm you faced.It is called Let's look more deeply.If Ambulance this elimination of symptoms, at the second level we try to find the reasons of spontaneous behavior together.After all if not to understand the reason of acts, it is impossible to avoid unpleasant repetitions, after all so! Any not nice behavior only a consequence, we will look for the reasons.

, especially, resorting

The child should in what he deserved censure.However A.Berge, Education fam iliale, p.prod.Montaigne; ital.edition Educazione fam iliare Family it is sung an aniye, prod.Giunti Barbera, abuse sensitive or tichny notes You in a grave will bring together me from frustration., especially, resorting to threats type I will send you in a reformatory.Never reconsider fair zaniye.Cancellation of fair punishment is not foresight, and weakness sign.Let's remind themselves, that the will of the child needs support with logical and firm authority.

So, you should

If you choose a subject,which it is possible to bring here, make it.If it before which it is impossible to brin write down its name in the WTO ry column.So, you should come to a consensus and choosesuitable symbolical subjects.During time a truancy fill the Working leaf and note the reasons, on kotoeye you connect each concrete value with is chosen ny subject.You have for work one hour.Return without delay that we could exchange vpechatleniya.Summarizing How successfully we could agree On what subjects I would stop the choice, ifthere would be one What various subjects symbolizing one andthe same value, were brought by different subgroups Whether I learned something new concerning myself or others I would choose what values, if carried out itexercise once againWorking leafValues and symbolsValue Subject choice ReasonBeautyLoveFriendshipTruthWorldPOSITIVE FEEDBACKHoweHowePurposesThis fascinating exercise helps teenagers on to learn to perceive consciously more each other and thusto allocate personal dignity of another.


Who did not observe their ravnodushnonenavidyashchy force from which they have a good time, playing destructions.Destroy cultural and material values, usual subjects and the nature round itself.What is it Casual impulsesI so wanted the adolescent who broke a tree silently and surely answers, destroyed a playground, .To them the sincere requirement moved Certainly, no.What led to a crime Selfpreservation instinct Too not.And whatRevenge.Payment for deeds to it it is malicious.And acts the answer of a callous body to the discomfort created by humiliation of advantage, disrespect and offenses for sincere desire to help another to become better is more moral.


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